News & Support Tutoriels Liste non exhaustive de liens à outils pédagogiques

Liste non exhaustive de liens à outils pédagogiques

La liste de cette publication sera complétée au fur et à mesure des renseignements qui nous auront été transmis. Elle a pour but de servir de point de départ pour la découverte d'outils à disposition des enseignants pour compléter leurs préparations de cours.



Presentation Enhancing Software

Interactive Whiteboard Interface

  • LectureScribe: A program for easily producing animated "whiteboard lectures" from a tablet PC or electronic whiteboard. LectureScribe is written by Brian C. Dean, an assistant professor of computer science at Clemson Univeristy.
  • Kindle Lab: The open source IWB interface.
  • Microsoft OneNote The unused gem of the Microsoft Office suite, provides a professional mature IWB interface, excellent for senior students, university students and adults.
  • Jarnel An open source equivalent to Onenote with lesser functionality.
  • Activinspire Program developed by Promethean. Run as personal edition.

Musical Software

  • Buzzmachines: A very easy to use software based synthesizer.

Artistic software

  • Artrage 2: A high quality art program with an intuitive user interface that allows the selection of medium, texture and colour.
  • Google sketchup: Create, modify and share 3D models.
  • Myoats: A interesting online drawing application.
  • Crayola: A collection of free colouring pages.
  • Graffiti Studio: Create a digital graffiti piece without the cleaning.
  • Imagination Cubed: Create a multi user collaborative artwork online
  • Mr Picassohead: Mr Potato Head meets Picasso

Physics & science software

  • Sketchy Physics: A plug in that applies the laws of physics to Google Sketchup 3D animations.
  • Phun 2D Physics sandbox: Play with physical concepts in a game like fun and engaging way.
  • Havok Physics: Use the same physics technology Game makers use (free license for education institutions).
  • PhET: Interactive Simulations Fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena from the PhET project at the University of Colorado.
  • Gizmos: Virtual simulations and interactives
  • Edheads: A collection of virtual games and experiements on unique concepts
  • Interactives: A collection of quality science interactive modules

Mathematics Software

Web 2.0/Online applications

  • skrbl: Collaborate online documents and whiteboard space.
  • Sketchcast: Create a movie of your sketch/drawing and microphone recording.
  • Twiddla: Cooperatively mark up websites, graphics, and photos, or start brainstorming on a blank canvas.
  • WiZiQ: Teach and learn live online.
  • Dabbleboard: Online collaborative whiteboard.

Anatomy, Health and biology

  • Visible Body: Explore high quality anatomical structures and annotate within the application to explain concepts.
  • Educational Java programs: A collection of educational Java applets
  • Cells Alive: Cellular biology through simulations and interactives
  • Edheads: A collection of virtual games and experiements on unique concepts

Virtual environments


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